I want to participate in a sex doll showroom

Since I am a virgin of a sex doll, I want to participate in an exhibition hall one day before playing with a doll! Also, is it very good to touch the doll in TPE / Silicone? (chest, buttocks, etc.). TPE is a bit cold, but when your doll powder is warming up on the bed, so yes, touch, caress, etc. are very good. Of course, you must have a little imagination and play with other senses, such as perfume. (hair and clothes, not directly on the D cup sex doll). The effect is bluff, very pleasant, at night and before the morning of getting up, which makes you late for work… The hollow breasts are softer, but sounds a bit like balloon plastic if you click on it. (Give you an idea). After that it may depend on the size of the breast, preferably looking at the showroom and comparing. In fact, the breast is just a problem due to gravity. And if you want to present it in plain clothes, then it can be complicated, and I am causing TPE pressure at the skeleton level. That is, fleshy thighs, big hips, when a person is close to the body close to the body, this position will bring structural restrictions.

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