I am talking about a normal composition of sex dolls

Common mistakes – too small for people under 150 at 170 – are too heavy, and its features all offer a disappointing quick resale. You have time to be suspected by your parents one day, and you will be able to face a D cup sex doll when you see a showroom in the center. Its size, weight, texture. Then just look for the studio, work, you will be able to provide you with a doll. By then, a student will have a chance to make you vibrate. Depending on how it is distributed, the volume of the TPE can exert pressure on the frame at some (extreme) locations, thus increasing the risk of cracking. It will be more precise, because it depends on the distribution, the structure of the skeleton… I am talking about a normally constructed doll, not the horror of what a huge breast looks like.

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