Beautiful sex dolls are actually not light

Greetings. This is a beautiful d cup sex doll 163 H. But 48 kg is actually not light. When I was, I held it to keep him balanced on both feet, sometimes the ankles or knees would bend. So I caught up with her. Even if it is only 25 kg, depending on how I catch it, it can be very heavy. So it’s almost twice the weight I don’t even think about. Yes, it’s hard to get up in bed at night and in the morning. Simple touch on the clothes. Very realistic, very soft and very comfortable. For dyes, it is generally better if you buy a branded product. She is now wearing a black T-shirt because I am lying in bed without a trace of fainting. However, the clothing of other Chinese brands is still not clear, and the brand is slightly off. And in the end, I have to be very careful and more vulnerable. I think of my fingers. Find a good transition to your dreams with the right size and weight.

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