I Already Have A Chance to Have A Sex Doll Model

Good morning. I am Remy, 37 years old single. I returned to the forum a long time later. I want to make a small gift by providing me with a good company at Tpe, I will receive it soon. I hope it will be fine. I had a chance to have a sex doll model a few years ago, but I had to reluctantly separate it. So I am going to buy a doll, I don’t know what model, I am going back here to find information. thank you very much!
No one here will impose anything on you. But more importantly: no one here will make any judgments about you. We will never tell you “What kind of dress do you wear?”, “Your doll is like a little devil” or “Your doll’s face is ugly and looks like Donald Trump travesti!” This is It can be understood in this forum: its members have strong mutual respect, regardless of their background, background social professional, their thoughts and opinions, their past or present. I hope that you will like us and feel sorry for the sidewalk.

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