Why are sex dolls designed at the base?

Hello everyone, my name is Dan, I live in Bordeaux. (Yes, I know, I am very lucky!) I am a specific age, have been married twice, and have five children. At present, I am alone, my woman of this age is not interested in me, for young people, I am no stranger. Moreover, I began to have an interest in sex doll companies. Note that it will only be sexual, and besides it, it will be neat. This is basically my current wish. At the same time, this is why it was designed at the base. The real perverts are those who use them for other things. For example a photo. Or tell stories and make comics. Although it is horrible to get fraud, at first it was chosen for sex, but by friction it becomes a partner, and it is always a pleasure to see it without doing anything. other. Yes, I admit that for football, this is not a 10-year foot. But hey, this is not just football in life. For the “metamorphosis”, I saw a documentary. Some people eat together and talk to them as if they are not going shopping…. That’s why I prefer to specify.. This is very humorous. It is necessary to upgrade it to a second degree. Most of the doll owners who appeared on this forum have transferred their main use to partner dolls, and photography models have seen the heroine in the comics. So no longer turn it into a strict sexual object. This is contradictory. This is actually reversed.

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