I Am Also Interested in Superficial Sex Doll

Welcome: Hahaha! Welcome to the club, welcome to the forum. A few years ago, before the recent reunification (May 2019), I was also interested in superficial sex doll. There, surprise! Like you, I noticed a lot of water flowing under the bridge. The number of manufacturers, models, technologies, etc. Everything has taken an unusual proportion and is disproportionate to what I noticed a few years ago. This is my realization that this forum is the ideal portal for anyone who wants to learn and buy dolls (no, I haven’t, I have to save a little). If you have more than ten messages, you can visit the rest of the forum as well as information, advice and comments about specific brands, manufacturers, clothing sizes, cleaning tips, and more. Etc. To this end, the forum’s search engine can create miracles and allow more accurate positioning of topics or existing messages. Trust my experience. And don’t worry about your speech, it has been fully expanded. Most people are much shorter, but the length is not important because it is important for gestures and intentions. If you feel that one day you need more roads to you or to this forum, you are free to do so. Everyone is free to choose the time and place to show their soul or soul, a little, a little, passionate, crazy, or not exposed at all.

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