My wife knows my new real sex dolls

In my case, remorse is better than regret. You never know what will happen to a real sex doll in the future. There is an urgent need to think about yourself and have fun! (Provided that you can certainly afford it!) This is not a question of switching back to eating potatoes. Despite the high price, I haven’t hesitated recently because the truth is that today’s dolls look more and more like real women. Some people have irresistibly coveted faces, very realistic faces, especially worth seeing. They can accompany in the house, beside our bed and +. But in my eyes, they are the most important works of art (which can stimulate the desire of men like real women). Hello everyone, I am 49 years old and a couple. My wife knows my new real sex dolls. I have been watching the US real for 10 years, but the price is too high. With the new Chinese doll, it is easier to obtain.

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