Ordered the cute WM doll 156C real sex dolls

I recently purchased a second-hand wmdoll 160cm doll. So I am registering here to share experiences, especially in terms of restoring the makeup of real sex doll. If you have 160 photos to share on WM, I have no objection. If given the opportunity, I want to make it a second. If the photo is not on the official website, you can view it in other ways. I recently discovered the world of love dolls. I need to learn as much as possible before knowing if there is a day. That’s why I am here. Have a good day! I am 48 years old and I have been single for too long. For a few years, I have collected “manga” type mini dolls and BJD. I have been following love dolls for a while, but given their price and the anxiety that people I know will find, I have never acted … until last week I ordered the cute WM doll 156C real sex dolls.

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