May be because of the quality of real sex dolls

When I raise a spell, I don’t feel offended by a real sex doll for a simple reason, because I realize that this sentence is perfectly reasonable. My French is not particularly good, and I don’t reread all sentences. Also, the wireless keyboard I use sometimes doesn’t write everything I type. I will be more careful in the future. Dolls will give you a lot of love in many different ways. TPE or Sicone, they are both fragile. You just need to be as careful and take care of it as possible. They took a long time, so I hope you don’t mind. For me, when I take care of it at night, it can start from 9pm and end at 4am. Company, beauty, sweetness, love, price, weight, maintenance and a lot of time. Just don’t buy it anywhere, otherwise you may regret the poor quality of real sex dolls.

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