This idea of ​​comparing real sex dolls brands

I’m not in a hurry, it might give me time for me to fully understand myself. I also started reading the first part of real sex doll. One of the many topics I am interested in: brand comparison. Too bad, rarely (and the only more common problem is mainly silicone dolls and dates from 2016). I am considering launching a TPE brand. What do you think? Everyone will vote for their doll brand … especially outside of TPE. You will not see some sex dolls. I don’t think we are still representative of other brands (maybe one or two like Anya is missing), we can only talk about what we know (we have), especially during that period, every 6 months Evolve once. The weakness of this idea of ​​comparing real sex dolls brands is, first of all, the rapid development of manufacturing methods. Therefore, this comparison must be updated almost every year (for example).

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