My real sex doll answer is in the outbox

Thank you very much! On the other hand, is it normal for me not to respond to the MPs I receive? My real sex doll answer is automatically placed in the outbox, not in the “Sent Mail”, I contacted the administrator, but my mail is still in the “Outbox” … What to do ? Messages remain in your inbox until the recipient reads them. It’s better not to know. And all these dolls are in avatars, and I have a hard time adapting to the idea of ​​chatting with others. Well, I will give an example. I want to put a man incarnation, a daze incarnation. Yes, but he was exiled on an island and killed your little sexual guy. We have one account and another account for our Doll, and when you chat with your real sex dolls, what I imagine is a mess. Alright, I merged the mini icon of my profile with my regular avatar here.

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