Know the exact proportion of real sex dolls owners by gender

I have worked with sex doll companies to get a series of photos of real sex dolls about their know-how (you can see them on urdolls’s website), what I am looking for today is not the holder, but the holder ( Women) One or more of these charming ladies subtly follow her daily life in an anonymous way when they are dolls. If you know someone who will encounter this situation, I would be more than happy to discuss the matter verbally, via email or even by phone, at my discretion. Interest is definitely not to judge anyone, but to understand the same beauty and interpersonal relationships as a real woman. In any case, please feel free to email me. I’m glad to meet you. Instinctively (because I have no research to rely on), I will say that your task is difficult. I was also curious to know the exact proportion of real sex dolls owners based on gender and doll sex. Research and surveys on this topic still need to be mastered.

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