Owner relationship with silicone real sex dolls

I met her on the urdolls website. This is love at first sight. I was a little worried because I had never seen it in “real life” because I ordered a real sex doll at such a price. I was a bit afraid it would not match the photo. In the end, I was not disappointed: she was really great. I like lingerie, especially leather, and I have ordered some items for her, and photos will be posted soon. Hello, from the Paris area, I have a doll of urdolls for ten days. Its size is 1m68. It was beautiful, but I didn’t contact. Also, I encountered a problem the first time I used it, but this will be in another article. I browsed the forum and saw fans, I respect. I saw a very beautiful doll. see you later. It was a shame that I didn’t know the site before buying. I want to repair my doll and then try to resell it. On the other hand, I want them to develop. I know my request is a bit special, there is usually no place on this forum, but the administrator has been notified of this message. I myself am interested in general dolls (I collected ball joint dolls very early) and their hyper-realism, so I decided to make silicone real sex dolls (or TPE) and the relationship with the owner.

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