I have 168 cm real sex dolls model

I did a good job because if a 40 kg real sex doll is playable (by contracting the muscles well!) … it’s also heavy. So /-50 kg. First of all, I suggest you … despite its coveted form. Well … if you have an opinion on the owner of this love doll (the most likely goal), that would be great. If our friends are embossed like mirror cabinets, it is by no means an insolvable problem. Thank you for the information, I will work harder and lighter, trying to find models with attractive and realistic shapes. I’m slim and have normal strength, so I don’t risk falling. If you have suggestions that interest me, please thank you again. I added the theme of JPPE: I have a 168 cm real sex dolls model that weighs 38/39 kg and I am physically strong.

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