The bottom real sex dolls cost 2,000 euros

I will try to find a real sex doll rental company or brothel and do my best. Do you have any suggestions for me? Do you do this or buy it directly? Considering the price, I really don’t want to go wrong. Even though I haven’t ordered a doll yet, I’m already on the wig! I had a very clear idea of ​​what I wanted, so I started trying to find the perfect redhead! Yes, long live red hair! (I also have to ask about freckles, it seems to me a topic!) In real hair, its price is too high, but I can see that the price of synthetic fiber seems to be very good at 250 euros! A bit pricey, but I think you have to pay for a cut that is both large and well cut. In any case, after the lowest price of real sex dolls is 2,000 euros, it is 300 euros to give it the final benefit.

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