Very realistic Japanese sex dolls with small breasts

The breasts are too dense, just like breasts redone from the 80s, they don’t flatten when the dolls are stretched out, they have a disproportionate face or body, they look like beautiful faces of comic statues, but not my Japanese sex doll style. To provide information, I eventually chose a model with the following flaws, so I revised down the standard: the breasts are too big (B cup). The breasts are too dense. The hole is impractical (the small hole on the back seat train) and I’m worth it: 2000 €, because in addition to her breasts (now OK), she has a dream, which is WMDoll 157B. It’s fragile, so I won’t be able to drop it violently and put it in the laundry basket as I wish. In the very realistic red hair, I found the model of the brand, very realistic Japanese sex dolls with small breasts, But … big ass (large even if I think). For mixed-color hair, I don’t want reddish or worse purple, nor a 15 Euro wig that loses hair and / or cannot be untied. I may be following.

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