I recently took a beautiful Asian sex doll

Hello, I should say this, I am 46 years old, I am passionate about comics, I have always dreamed of having a life-size sex doll, I recently took a beautiful Asian doll, the first time I feel very Confused and excited, but I like it. I quickly realized that it was very fragile, I was a very careful person, but in the excitement, when we started, it was normal to have small problems. For my first time, I don’t want to invest too much, just to see if I can handle this, so I didn’t go through a known sex doll website, but one of my contacts got it at a reasonable price. . The quality is very good, there is no special smell, the TPE touch is correct, and the rendering is consistent with my request. (Girl doll 158 cm) It is actually a nickname, related to my nickname, for me, her name is a cat. It’s my kitten, there is no pun intended.

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