Differentiate your sex dolls according to their style

They can’t reproduce a face. The same custom body, the price of a good car. You can distinguish your sex dolls according to their style. I chose Angel and it is a very popular model. And a few people on the forum don’t look like mine. In addition to only the color of the eyes and skin changed everything, hairstyles and clothes reinforce identity. No one, I have no special fantasies about actresses, neighbors and ex-girls. I would rather be flexible on the basis of 3D drawing, until perfect, and finally my perfect, more of this system, I avoid falling into the copy or unhealthy. If the money is not a problem, then yes, you can have a fully customized TPE sex doll, but I think all the details of the face body, unless you have this photo. You search, you should know how to use software like this. Come to really “create” your doll.

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