My small sex doll is easier to move

My sex doll is 25 kg 1m35 (the version is small even though it is small). I already have 1 kg 30 kg, the easy level is very different, so I imagine the D cup is bigger and heavier. My sex dolls are easier to move, I prefer. If it weren’t for me, almost all the time was outside, lying down, sitting on the bed or on the sofa. And they are very fragile, but if you have some small ones that you fix quickly, it will be minimal. But the problem is, she sleeps with me every night. When I want to have a better night position, it is a troublesome thing by hand. This is the only shoe I have. The smallest hole can transfer water into the skeleton and rust the small non-stainless steel room. A small hole, a glue point, is over.

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