I want to go home with the original plug of a sex doll

For glue, I use very good work. The rest are very clean. No sander recovery. If the wound is important, a small vial of liquid TPE can be used to limit healing. I want to go home with the original plug of the doll, but the TPE is not exactly the same. It’s not as good as the TPE of a sex doll, and one of the elbows doesn’t look like anything anymore. But she can take a shower safely ^^ Hello everyone, I stumbled upon the world of dolls not long ago, and since then I have wanted to accommodate a charming silicone lady at home. I was hesitant between brands, and I was surprised to find that there was a showroom in the house for less than an hour. Finally I passed the cap and ordered my first doll in the morning. Now I find myself waiting for Christmas when I was young (warm in hot weather). I also benefited small thanks to the welcome in the showroom.

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