I hope to find my sex doll problem here

Welcome to the sex doll club! I landed here a few months ago, and the model 2K, I spent a few weeks after reflection as long as torture, bought a silicone model… 4K, which forced me to postpone the purchase for a few months. I hope that you find your questions, tips and information answers here so that you can choose TPE sex doll wisely. But be aware that regardless of your reasons, your wallet or tax staff, it will always have the final result! In order to let you know the situation, I cracked the B model a few days ago for several reasons: the new TPE, its anatomy seems to be better than other brands, and because I found the ratio is not bad (although I prefer the C cup). I started doing some clothes shopping because it can be rendered, but just the smallest story to ensure the size. More information within a few weeks after delivery.

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