I am interested in sex dolls for a few months

Hello everyone, I have been interested in sex dolls for a few months and have been looking for information about TPE sex doll. I am 43 years old and single. Thank you for this forum. I have to remember my age, I remember later (this is written like that?) I am 44 years old instead of 43 years old… It is too fast! This is a pity, I know that I have not visited the entire sex doll forum, so if I have doubts, it is difficult to know where to ask. I will try it here, we will see how you look at the doll after 10 years? 20 years? From what I read, it is more advanced. It can be said that Chinese and English can move lips, head and eyes. This is good, but we want more, right? On my side, I like the robot side. But there are some people who prefer the current peace doll, not robotized.

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