It is necessary to help the future realistic sex doll

Why am I so strict? In the past, all TPE sex doll sellers advertised on the forum for free without any restrictions. When I wanted to replace the server, I provided a “donation” of 10 Euros per month to the dealer to continue advertising on the forum, which caused a revolution! I am a thief, a liar and a profiteer who dares to deprive a trader of 10 euros per month; smile.

Note that this has nothing to do with real love dolls or silver dolls. The frosting on the cake was when I deleted the post on the forum, an advertising message … what was missing was the scrolling of the banner. Some of the members were shocked by the “censorship” and it was great! From that moment, it has nothing to do with the fact that I sell dolls, any links to. Our goal is not to “become” friendly. But to be honest. I do n’t believe there is a place in France to verify the eligibility of the doll, and then send it back to the buyer.

As far as I know, in China, shipping dolls directly from the manufacturer to the buyer does not mean that he is not serious, otherwise he will not be listed on the forum, but hey blood, it is necessary to call the shovel ” “Shovel”, and away from all arguments, it is necessary to help future realistic sex dolls make choices and let them know who to do things with. What is the truth? We all have brains and eyes to read. We suggest that this is the same thing, but I do n’t see how to classify real or fake sellers, especially if the seller is cited.

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