Start by buying his first realistic sex doll

My passion for our beautiful¬†TPE sex doll¬†discovered you at the same time as you. And because I’m still in the research and testing phase, I got better advice than you. The Renault slogan I picked up admits! So 36 years of marriage, yes, it’s a definite exercise, often just because of the working lady all the time. The owner of my coolest garage car so wanted a beautiful secretary to finish the egg in the evening after closing xd. That’s it.

Otherwise, I will like it very much because of the magnificent appearance of Wm dolls, but for realism and noble body, I may be realistic and judo. Most girls are also dizzy, 92 cm tall. Thank you again for accepting part of me. It seems that your choice has been “a bit biased”. Among these three brands, there are already many choices, but have you seen other brands cited in the forum.

Silas - 155CM B cup Shemale Doll Blue Eyes Big Penis TPE Sex Doll

First of all, have you stopped the “norm”? On this subject, I suggest that you read the information I sent to Thomas and Srep Don’t be taken away, there is no shortage of dolls with a bust of 92 cm, so take a moment. For reference, I would like to point out that. If you are arrested for these two brands, I suggest that you look at other French sellers, that is, “real” sellers, in order to distinguish prices and services. This last point is very important starting from buying his first¬†realistic sex doll.

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