If it is a realistic sex doll that exists and embraces

As you explained, all three of our dealers offer certain advantages in the area, but other dealers do not sell. As for TPE sex doll, I have no impression that there is much feedback or dissatisfaction. Everyone is wrong, and we must accept that everyone shares the cake. I am looking for a medium-sized doll at a reasonable price. I would like to know about the quality of the first doll 158. If anyone knows that it will be cool, thank you for finding information about different brands and models on this forum. Suggest to make choices and maintain your future doll.

Bonnie - Life-size Realistic 158cm Big Breasted TPE Sex Doll

You will eventually be able to communicate with dealers and experienced members to suggest that one of your members has a girl, and he will definitely give you back. I actually have a girl (unless she is my owner), but Since I am an objective person, I do n’t judge what to say. I ca n’t answer the lower quality question because I have never been able to compare with other brands. I can only say the shortcomings. beautiful people.

When you can access; other forums here, you will be able to implement it yourself, otherwise you are welcome. You will be able to access more information on the forum. Starting from TPE dolls, the average price of the size you are looking for is around 2000. Here is a question, above is you can use some brand features, better quality products, and then type silicone. The setting of the girl 158 is very good, it depends entirely on your requirements. If it is a realistic sex doll that exists and embraces, then the girl is fine.

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