I found your realistic sex doll forum very useful

If it exists, dolls, and somersaults often, girls will not last long. You have defined a selection criterion: the size is already very good. You will see that at the bottom of the page, there are many brands available, and each brand has a TPE sex doll = 158 cm. You have the cheapest to the most expensive WM. Only in urdolls, you can have 5 different shapes of 158 cm! This makes you a fairly wide choice, and you have to find what you need according to your budget.

Akira - Dollhouse 168 Non-detachable Head TPE Japanese Sex Doll

For you, the best way is to watch in “reality”, such as in a showroom or in a DO. It is not easy to choose from more or less attractive and attractive photos! The ideal situation is to have feedback like “girl” first, and then the doll you have pre-selected. Many DOs on this forum will allow you to express opinions on brands other than urdolls, but this goal is not very objective.

Because everyone thinks he has the best and most beautiful doll, and is very human. For example, I have a urdolls, and I believe this is the ideal doll, which can best meet my expectations! So take a moment and you will see many beautiful things. I am new to the “love doll” world recently, and today I found your realistic sex doll forum very useful. I recently purchased 100cm Love Doll Tania, so I want to make some custom settings, such as replacing blue eyes with blue eyes, and beautiful small manicures on my hands and toenails.

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