Who will boast about not understanding the real sex doll market

My order was placed on a censored website in the United States, which is very serious and professional. I chose the 100cm long TPE sex doll model because its weight is a very important standard for me and the convenience of storage. My current research is to find high quality natural hair wigs for dolls of this size to replace such wigs. Thank you for accepting me on the forum. I think what I want to tell you is that the site under review is not “based on” France, but in China, and you should not confuse it with sites that have stores in France.

On the other hand, your flattering views on these sites make me doubt, but for you, better yet, you are very satisfied, which is essential, others do not have this opportunity! I totally agree with the views, and I am very upset to see your letter come to the forum, and I found that, as our friends just said, often see new people have already purchased their dolls, it is best to check the mini first , This is not my field, you will find that DO can provide you with all the information you want.

Agatha - 150CM D-cup European Style Wheat-colored Skin TPE Sex Doll

But this does not force newcomers to say that the site is serious. Of course you are experts! They want to work! Yes, they take the sale seriously! But what are they selling? ! Who will repair it? If it is counterfeit, there is no way to make it up! And it cannot be sold! Professionals, no doubt, but very serious. Who will buy without knowing it? Who would boast about reaching a deal without understanding the realistic sex doll market? Some members voted abstained in front of six-month members, they believed they knew everything, and stopped ordering on impossible sites in front of new members!

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