I really want to model this realistic sex doll

I associate myself with Louis and apologize to you. I am very sorry that this misunderstanding has caused great controversy. We only hope that your purchase meets your expectations. The better for you, others may not be lucky. Do not hesitate now, intervene, and use this forum, you will get answers to all questions of male sex doll. Good luck this makes me feel relieved.

It can be said that this supplier is very serious and professional, and I apologize once again, it is entirely based on the quality of the communication we have carried out via email and the progress of my order, which went smoothly from the beginning to the end. But it never asks for the quality of the doll. Since I currently have very little knowledge among the dolls, I cannot judge its quality under any circumstances. At first glance, it is indeed very beautiful and well done.

Special Training Commander Wheat-colored Skin TPE Sex Doll

But first I have to say, but I am usually very rigorous and meticulous, how do I know if this doll is original? And know whether its quality will not cause me trouble. Thank you for your inspiration. This really made me very concerned. I really want to seek expert advice on this realistic sex doll model. Maybe I have some photos to unpack now. Thanks also for the link on the clothes suggestions for mini lovers. Indeed, it is not easy to find his beautiful sexy clothes.

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