I can’t imagine a real sex doll further away from the contour of a real woman

The quality of TPE is very good, very realistic, and the weight is also acceptable. All tastes are natural, so good. Be careful? Yes, I will. Is it embarrassing? Of course, of course, I may not have realized that I have never had the opportunity to carry and handle such a heavy inert “human” body. Therefore there may be risks. But I really can’t imagine a real sex doll further away from the outline of a real woman.

Then, it was difficult to contradict the immediate fascination I saw, leading to all the others I have seen so far not doing me the same way. Actually, I have seen dolls. The 155 is indeed not bad at all, the body is very good. But it did not bring me additional effects (of course it is difficult to reasonably explain). Frankly speaking, the more I look at the photo gallery, the more I can make my dream come true. I can already imagine sleeping well beside me.

In the end no, in fact I didn’t really imagine the effect of actually providing a doll … it attracted me. I don’t have that impression. Now that you have said, it may be a little from some angles. But I still like the general harmony that results from the body and face. Just as I still hesitate to choose which color, can you tell me what color his skin is in these photos? There are indeed other successful faces of TPE sex doll.

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