TPE sex doll can also have plump buttocks

Well done, great choice! As for the skin color, when he talked, he told me that natural shadows are the most versatile and provide the best rendering. Therefore, in the process of pursuing realism, I believe I will move towards this color. There is still an element, and it is not the least important. I’m not sure where to store it properly to keep it cautious and not attract the attention of too many real sex doll visitors.

Yes, I know, it ’s time to consider the actual problem and ask me this question … In my case, my cupboard / closet is 55 cm deep (useful). You have 2 solutions; you either put a soft seat (with cushions) on the chair, or sit there with a doll, or buy a secretary seat on casters (like me), and then sit on the chair , The whole volume is in the closet. In any case, I strongly recommend buying a practical wheeled seat so that the doll does not feel tired when moving.

We can put it in a sitting position beside the bed, making it easy to “slide” on the seat. If you do n’t have a wardrobe, you need to find a corner, for example, in the bathroom, who will take it back behind the door! At the same time, I noticed for you a new generation of dolls, 169 cm (33 kg), size 84/54/90 cm, even if it is narrower than the hips, TPE sex doll can also have full buttocks. The model proposes many innovations in the joints of bones, the authenticity of TPE, the position of the vagina and anus, and the fact that it is very close to reality.

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