Look at the real sex doll models of different brands

All you have to do is look at the real sex doll models (more than enough) of different brands and wait for the fascination with them, there will be no further delay! So far, all I can consult is the WM 160 D which has caught my attention. My favorites have not changed. The opportunity makes it very suitable for the ideas I put forward before consulting different sites. Now I slowly mature my thinking. You should be picky about this issue and pay attention to good overall harmony.

But in these respects, as far as I am concerned, even if I think they are doing well, I am not a loyal supporter of Asian faces. You have indicated that you are looking for a doll that looks like a “real woman”, so it is best to define an ideal body that best represents the woman. That is. Please note that I have noticed that measuring a lot of hips does not necessarily mean “beautiful buttocks”! You have to check the harmony of the curve, because I am addicted to beautiful donkeys, so I am talking about a topic close to my heart.

I fully agree with your choice. If I have more strength when buying the last TPE sex doll, it will be my choice. It rolls very well, especially on the hips, and the chest is beautiful enough and not excessive. WM also has beautiful faces, you can easily find your favorite face. Did you choose the skin color, because there are some differences between the manufacturers of natural colors or tan, I can see. In addition, the price of this model currently looks very attractive, and I see very important promotions.

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