Not ready for heavy real sex doll

At the moment, a four-month novice, I made a lot of mistakes, I was clumsy, too sudden, I was not ready for heavy real sex doll! The owners of heavy WM have 161, and they can give you their opinion on weight. Weight is not the worst, this is why you must pay attention to all matters, and the heavier the doll, the greater the loss is to maintain balance during dressing, bathing, or … May affect his health.

My taste is good, and I am also the one who catches my eye, but its weight is unbelievable. I have a 29-kilogram doll that is already exercising. As said, when you have to put it in the bathtub (walking very low), your back will be well hit. A small photo session with a beautiful 160WM brings pleasant eyes. Welcome to the forum.

I have 161. Indeed, the first time I had to deal with it was very complicated. Football is like everyone you are used to. You just need to learn how to match it well. If you are in good health, your weight will not be an obstacle to your purchase. I strongly recommend that the skeleton be strengthened so that it can stand upright. If you like curvy TPE sex doll women, I suggest you check the UrDolls model. I have 148 cm, but the size of 155 cm is really Canon.

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