Obsessed with real sex doll since the hour

Hello everyone, single, in my forties, and have been fascinated by real sex doll since the first hour. Given that this represents a budget, this is an obstacle to possible purchases. I have been following the news of these young ladies from far away. However, for some time, I have been more interested in it, because with TPE, I noticed the democratization of prices, and now I decided to invite someone at home. At first it was just a vague fantasy that should soon become a reality.

They are not just talking about me looking for a size model with realistic shapes and proportions that is closest to a real woman with beautiful curves. The waist and limbs of some models seem too thin to me, while on the other hand, the breasts are usually too large in my eyes. According to my standards, I admit that I am currently hooked on the model (Model 160 D). At first glance, the body seems to fully meet my needs. Now, I still worry about its size and weight.

What do you think. I told myself that if the size is about 155 cm (the size is not too small but still very realistic, but the weight may be lighter, it is easier to operate. It may be more ideal. Operation?) This is where I am currently in the research stage. If you are strong and cautious, you can try it! I have 155 opposite silhouettes. If I have to have a heavy TPE sex doll silhouette, it will make it longer instead of WM170M. Obviously, our taste is completely different.

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