Real sex doll must be put in cardboard box

In this case, remove the head and tighten the suspension device, a fixed point must be placed on the wall or ceiling. As a final option, if you have to put the real sex doll in a cardboard box and then hang it on the closet, this seems to be a considerable test of strength, and I do n’t see your father have the idea to do it with weight Cardboard, and is its physical capacity appropriate?

Then put it on the ground and just open it out of simple curiosity, and suddenly this curiosity will be badly placed. I’m sure before he asks you what is in this box. It is up to you to anticipate questions and find truly believable answers. I admit, I like the “problem” there: hips, hips, thighs, calves, chest just enough.

Usually pay attention to stay in the “thin” figure, but in my eyes, is a beautiful woman, it is a set of ingenious proportion curve. We are in delicate cocktails, in which the harmony of form and the balance of proportions are essential. A woman with a falsely high proportion is not ideal for me. Of course, as I said, all TPE sex doll flavors are natural. But it is good to know that I am not the only one who likes beautiful curves.

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