I only see that real sex doll is stored

I think you should take a closer look at the model and request more detailed photos. Sitting on it, I was lucky: my office chair happened to be a chair on casters. I have actually told myself that it will be very practical. So I am well equipped in this area. The rest of the small apartment. Therefore, the storage possibilities are very limited. I only saw the possibility of storing real sex doll in a box above the wardrobe. This will be exercise.

And I think I need to remove the head every time to put it there. I hope it will not cause too much damage. In addition, I have parents who hold the keys to my family. Accessing it is very practical, especially when a small amount of work must be performed and I do n’t know how to get myself out of the office. They will not be interested in the contents of this large and clearly visible box.

Finally, thank you for your last tip. I went to see! I said that my friend is because I finally found a woman who loves beauty, their shapes and curves are beautiful, or they spend a lot! Even if you do n’t have a 55 cm deep cabinet, if you hang the TPE sex doll with the equipment provided and put it in front of you instead of on the side, a smaller space can solve the problem, 30 cm is enough, Even less.

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