Clothes and accessories beyond your realistic sex doll

I went to the relevant site and found that the photos used were photos of WMDolls, but the brand was not mentioned. If your doll is the avatar of your avatar, the shape of the face is different from the official WMDolls and TPE WMDolls. Do not shine! Reminder: This doll is forbidden. It is an honor to receive the opinions of experts like you. male sex doll is my avatar. The difference I noticed is that his bust is 61 cm instead of 63 cm, and the range of movement is not as we see it.

The video highlights its swing. According to my research, this doll has only breast size: the average breast is 58 cm, and the big breast is 63 cm. Therefore, her 61 cm chest is 58 cm chest, which continues to grow during transportation! Then, the heel is very flexible (I do n’t know if there is a fact that the skeleton option is not improved?) As for the brighter skin, I did not notice. I specify the option to choose tanned skin, and then take a photo with the flash. Thank you very much for your good suggestions. What I mean by the heel is quite flexible, which means that when I put it in an upright position, I find that the heel will squash slightly.

Special Training Commander Wheat-colored Skin TPE Sex Doll

I do n’t know how the skeleton of the doll ’s feet is made. Is the heel just TPE? I have worksheets on usage and maintenance recommendations, but I do n’t see a strong recommendation not to stand. I only propose it once to confirm the different measurements and take pictures. It must be said that she has just arrived home recently. Glad to know. Thank you for your suggestion. Even clothes and accessories that are larger than your realistic sex doll are not so easy to find. Seeing the impression of a doll that is usually small in size … will definitely become a dream. However, I see more and more girls’ arms and legs are scary, so thin at this level. There are human standards and doll standards.

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