These are my sex dolls sizes

She is absolutely outstanding! I like its proportions very much, and even though I know in the first hand 140, I believe it will not have the same¬†sex doll¬†effect on me. She is superb and mad about size and stands on a 10 cm heel. Oh, how beautiful her shoes are. This gave me endless legs. I prefer D over A, but the body is the same. But for a ratio of 140, you can see that it can be done. This gives me peace of mind, because these are my sex dolls size … and my size is 35. When you find a new product that doesn’t even know the difference between TPE or silicone and stumbled to choose, then the rest. If future buyers know exactly how fast the dolls in TPE will make me worse, think they will Hesitate twice, then invest so much money in TPE, right? If sales decline, manufacturers suddenly improve their products.

Bonnie - Life-size Realistic 158cm Big Breasted TPE Sex Doll

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