Silicone as photo model sex dolls

This is, as you said, mainly for sexual purposes, but not as a company. I confess I don’t plan to take¬†sex doll¬†photos or anything else. If you can buy Dsll for a high price of 5,000 Euros, then 167 can create another natural curve for women! You can easily find the structure of your clothes. TPE for regular and impulsive use is a bit fragile. Silicone, except for fragile pinholes, is better. Next, you also have many sex dolls that use silicone as a photo model, they are intact, beautiful, and there are poor little TPEs next to them. Through the pros and cons, we can see in the photo that the screw is too small, and suddenly, the braking part of the nylon nut is not stuck in the thread. It’s like putting an ordinary nut.

Bonnie - Life-size Realistic 158cm Big Breasted TPE Sex Doll

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