If i was caressing sex dolls

Another thing about all this, what does the “reinforce skeleton” option¬†sex doll¬†bring, is it really a plus point for the whole doll, or is it a posture that can stand with minimal changes? Also, can the doll stand up without it? And it’s the small metal lugs under the feet (visible in the photo to choose this famous option) that aren’t too present in a sense, or if I’m caressing sex dolls, it might change the “immersion” “(I’m not Fetish, just I like to caress, and this precise area can cause problems. The disadvantage is that you say that the nuts are welded, which is annoying to me, and I hope that the nuts can be replaced after the operation. I will have to start from the plan Starting with B, this would be placing a thread lock (strong enough).

Bonnie - Life-size Realistic 158cm Big Breasted TPE Sex Doll

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