I still haven’t ripped any sex dolls

From 150 to 165 cm, the maximum budget is 2 € 000. Ah, and ‘I want an optional sex doll at the bottom of the penis. Any suggestions? In short, it’s both a presentation and a questionnaire. If there is an option, I think it should be like a removable vagina. You may have to put it in place. You can visit the showroom to see the actual size and test the lift. Make an appointment and return by car or train, depending on your location. This is a bit tight budget and you will have to see your expectations in terms of durability, resistance and maintenance! In my case, apart from the small toe problem (but not tearing) when I arrived, I still didn’t tear any sex dolls, but after a week, there were small marks (friction) on my arm, but it was my fault Be stingy with talc. After 2 and a half weeks, the connection of the lens became loose, so the tilted position of the photo was completed (I have to do it).

Bonnie - Life-size Realistic 158cm Big Breasted TPE Sex Doll

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