It’s cool to talk about sex dolls

And I think¬†sex doll¬†would be the ideal choice. I think it can also provide me with a special display, but I stop here and I hope to discuss it in more detail in a more discreet section of the forum. There are other reasons that led me to consider buying a doll. Sometimes a person is complicated. I wanted to talk to my wife and explain to her that I wanted to have a doll, and I was afraid she would respond, but there was nothing if no one asked. For me, this is not a question of replacing my wife with a doll, but a supplement to my husband and wife life. Does your wife know? Or do you hide it once the doll is there? I ask you a question, because even if I want to talk about this, I still hesitate. Sex dolls that have sex are cool, but that’s all, nothing to do with women.

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