I am also attracted by the sex of sex dolls

Where people desire, he doesn’t love. I think everyone here is different, there is no “standard” sex doll. I have read many opinions that dolls are not better in sex, including some suggestions from doll owners. What I want to say is that it depends on what you expect from these dolls. I did not tell you my age, I am 32 years old. To tell you more about me, my wife used to like “dressing up” at night. She put on a wig, various underwear, etc. What I bought from her. But over time, these decoration games gradually disappeared. I realized that even if I had never tasted it, I was attracted to the sex of sex dolls, but I also wanted to find a woman dressed like me before, to reproduce my fantasy loss, even if it would never be the same again.

Queena - Big Breasts Slim Beautiful 168CM TPE Love Doll

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