To understand the quality and order of real sex dolls

My female ideal is between 155 and 165, and I like them to be small, but not 1m40, no. In the end, I chose a 155 cm real sex doll, a D cup from YL, angel’s face (36) (WM), her name was “Mina”. As a compromise, I like plump hips, and if you know what I mean, I don’t like A Cup or B Cup. I should receive my doll within a few days, and these talks will arrive as soon as I have a chance. By the way, we are waiting for my delivery to understand the quality and order of real sex dolls. In addition, my best friend also bought a small 100 cm G doll, and I also want to immerse in joy when my wife arrives There, the question is Madam (real lady).

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