I will take care of everything real sex dolls

We can say … it’s better not to fall … (otherwise I don’t think that will happen, and it will not fly very high), whether it is placed on the 1000 Euro hole in the account or the real delivery On the sex doll box, don’t put it on the mini doll under the bed. If not, my friend will eventually have more questions and plan a hiding place, but I will take care of everything else. However, before making the report, I read that some members are talking about customary difficulties related to small idols. Forbidding them to make me laugh and always think of evil … but on the practical side, in order to avoid interrupting your back and discretion, no, we don’t consider this, she has no brains, and I confirm … He can’t (want) to invest more than 1,000 euros. For 150 real sex dolls, I think one must forget, so what other options are there for choosing 100 cm?

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