The discussion about real sex dolls is here

She doesn’t necessarily understand, but she has an open mind. I showed the real sex doll to my friends who came to me. All the interesting, moving, asking questions about this topic, what do people usually do … and a lot, a girlfriend of a friend who wants to play with a doll dresses her (probably like everyone else, discussing from behind, but, Hey, I will never ^^) I have a girlfriend afterwards. I haven’t concealed her from working with her for some time, but the reason for the separation has nothing to do with the doll. One day, in another friend’s house, a discussion about real sex dolls came. We smiled, and his girlfriend (who didn’t know me) smiled and said that there must be something wrong with the heads of these people (and so on). Since then, I can no longer see this person (with or without his girlfriend). I can understand your reluctance to do this.

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