Sometimes in my eyes related to real sex dolls artwork

For example, they are related to the specific characteristics of each real sex doll brand, the differences between them (especially the price is roughly the same, and the same materials are used), maintenance (in a broad sense), storage (want the most discreet-most Security-Unfortunately, because of my limited financial capacity, it is almost certain that I can only accommodate a charming young lady in TPE instead of silicone. (My deposit is up to 1500-2000 Euros, As much as possible, and again, I will have to borrow for this. Sorry, my skill level is too high, and I haven’t (not enough?) Moved to be sensitive to one of these points (but who knows, There will be more in the future) or closer. First of all, I am a porn enthusiast first, shocked by these wonders, which in my eyes are sometimes related to real sex dolls artwork! Selection will also be difficult because there are already Several I can dump for it!

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