Premium B Cup real sex dolls on the website

Finally, at the breast level, you can choose plump breasts or hollow breasts. I think the closest real sex doll feels is your suggestion? Therefore this model 133 will not be sold in WM as it does not allow this. If some brand products are not on these sites, there is a reason. In the basic liviff, the breasts are hollow. If you want the PLË plugin must be specified at the end of recognition. But for the sake of softness, I confirm that it is desirable. It seems better afterwards, depending on the size of the breast. Xiaoman, hollow, and mostly half full. But I only have one doll, and the rest I can’t give you a good evaluation. It will be easier to wear 150 cm clothes and more like the second face than the main face. There are other head options on the website’s premium B cup real sex dolls on the moon, but if we only want 1 head Ministry, can we get -100 €?

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