Our dolls are more than just sex dolls

Glad to join this real sex doll community! For the presentation, male, 25 years old, a couple. I am accustomed to using masturbation, physical style or realistic style, but the size is small, I want to choose more than one size. I am thinking of moving towards a doll between 110 and 130 cm. I don’t seem to be a mail site, but I don’t know the guidelines Thanks in advance. How to manage with your partner. Assume that the term “sex toys” does not reach everyone and could therefore be left out. Hello and welcome to the forum. Here, no comparison between dolls and masturbation is another sex toy. My dolls don’t have sex with me like I do many things here, like many DOs here, they accompany me, and I love and respect them. As mentioned above, for many people, our dolls are more than just sex dolls. We prefer the term “beloved doll”. Otherwise please pay attention to the size of the doll you want to choose.

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