I will also wait for the closet after receiving real sex dolls

Thank you all for your welcome. It is always nice not to feel too lonely. It’s been two hours since I tried to post a photo of my beautiful real sex doll, but even on the FAQs on the forums, I didn’t get a good impression! Use your avatar, otherwise, someone who waits for my doll like me, please use one of your photos as your avatar. All you need to do is shrink one of the photos to 200×200 pixels. And, if you don’t know what to do, you can use some online sites to resize images for free. I think I will try it; I will personalize it better when I receive it! Adding depends on his membership level, which was not the case in 2016. You can add links to your website (if deemed reliable) or Google Photo Gallery or other content. Regarding clothes, even if I have bought two or three clothes, I will wait to receive the real sex dolls and continue the closet. If it is not suitable, I can change clothes.

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