Here are real sex dolls from urdolls

Why? Because TPE real sex doll is interesting to me, but it has also attracted the interest of most future DOs. The reason is simple but very specific. I don’t have 2,000 euros yet, so there aren’t 5,000 euros … and I’m far from the only one. There are few more specialized articles. I also read your recent reviews of teenage brands (I found them interesting!) And still do so in comparisons. I have hardly found any information about it on the forums, but must say that this branch is recent. I found that many of her faces are beautiful, but how much is this branch of JY Doll usually worth? Can real sex dolls from urdolls give us their opinion? There is another theme: I certainly don’t want to copy it later. Therefore, I found several companies on this forum, from which I can choose: Bruno, urdolls (even the latter, which forced me to buy) (I am not in Europe myself).

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